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    Chelsea Plank Flooring

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    Flooring can make or break the look of your home or office. It’s only traditional hardwood flooring that can add to real sophistication and warmth to your home. It goes without saying – well-done flooring has the potential to be the “décor focal point” of any home. As a matter of fact, every floor is an empty canvas waiting to be colored with the right flooring.

    Chelsea Plank Flooring aims to offer you that level of sophistication. In fact, when you opt for Chelsea Plank Flooring you can’t go wrong – its top-quality and functionality is unmatchable. It’s the best and easiest design decision that you can make for your residential or commercial property.

    Chelsea Plank Flooring® is a registered trademark of a product manufactured by Frame Hardwoods. Chelsea Plank Flooring® offers factory-finished ¾” solid hardwood plank flooring that is longer than most popular brands in the industry. The ¾” thickness makes the flooring solid and reliable with less movement as the weather changes. Chelsea Plank Flooring® is available in a variety of colors so that you can easily match it with the interior design of your home. Also, with a temperature controlled warehouse facility located in Michigan, allows them to deliver world-class product at your doorstep with minimum damage.  

    Frame Hardwoods is a family owned company, proud to be Michigan-born with plans to keep it that way! It’s exactly why they source their wood from Northern Forest regions of Michigan, Ontario, Wisconsin, Northern Indiana, and Minnesota. The wood extracted from these forests is a lot harder, which helps in producing finer furniture grain unlike the wood sourced from warmer climates. Moreover, local sourcing is not the only reason for superior quality products.  Frame Hardwoods has over 50 years of combined experience in milling and finishing wood flooring. They also “timely” source their materials, which means that it’s not sitting on the shelf waiting to be utilized neither it is shipped from any foreign country. It’s exactly why they proudly wear their “Made In USA” label! Upon in-house production, all the products are subject to thorough inspection assuring the quality of each plank.

    If you are looking for the finest quality, factory-finished hardwood plank flooring for a reasonable price, look no further, Chelsea Plank Flooring® is the way to go. Call us today, call us now!

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